Monday, August 6, 2012

Break Me Again

I am God's creation. Created lesser than he that I may bring him greater glory. As Jeremiah states, God is the Potter and I am his clay. He has created, molded and formed me to uniquely show forth the glory of the Potter; who he is, and his greatness.
But, I am broken.
Broken because others have treated me carelessly. Broken, further, because I have not listened to the admonitions and discipline of the Potter. In my brokenness I came to the Potter with my pieces, begging forgiveness, and begging for him to fix me.
For years I have been pained by the scars and cracks forged in my brokenness. Pained because of how they have marred the Potter's beautiful creation and made it ugly. Pained more at the worthlessness of a broken pot. A pot, created to hold liquid, shouldn't leak. With my broken cracks and scars I am unable to fulfill the purpose for which I was created.
I am too broken to have value.
Then one day, when my brokenness was too much for my soul to bear, I realized I misunderstood my purpose. I was not created to hold the life-giving water of the Potter and hoard it, but to share that water with others. If this is true, then my brokenness is no longer a hindrance, but my cracks are transformed into an advantage. Being so fragile and cracked I am unable to prevent myself from pouring forth the Potter's life-giving water. Water gushes out all over! A bit messy, perhaps, but not hidden. The more water poured into me, the more spills out. Till one day, I pray, so much water is poured into me that my pot will shatter and all that will remain is a waterfall of life-giving water; uncontrollable and majestic! 
If my brokenness can bring about this, then please God, break me again.

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