Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Parable for the Lonely

Among the beautiful plantations and luscious forests sits a lone, forgotten field. A plot of land called Lonely. Its waste and barrenness contrasts its beautiful counterparts. Pain is etched into the depths of its soil. Brambles of Sorrow and nettles of Suffering thrive, choking out light. Unattended and untouched for years Lonely sits. Its surface ravaged by the wind; rotting in its own abandonment. Passed over, forgotten--the existence of Lonely. I once heard a rumor about Lonely: In its depths, through the brambles of Sorrow, passed the sting of the nettles of Suffering, if you dig through the soil of Pain, deep in the depths of Lonely, lies a treasure called Value.

I sold my soul to buy Lonely. I gave up my life and my possessions for Lonely, Pain, Suffering, and Sorrow. I sold my soul to find Value. To crawl across this wasteland, to search through Pain, I reach the treasure. Unhindered by shallow, unfulfilling beauty to obtain value-to find life. Not the life I sold, but a new one. A life of joy and fulfillment, watered and grown through the bloodshed by Christ. For in the center of certain death, in the middle of Lonely, buried in the depths of Pain is joy. Life is given. So as I crawl and dig devoid of petty, distracting obstacles, I sing. Praises to my treasure ring from my lips. For what is pain when in it exists my treasure? What is loneliness when I find my treasure in its midst? If I owned not Lonely and purchased not Pain I would not find my treasure. Perhaps others have sold their souls for more beautiful fields, but the beauty will eventually fade into emptiness. Beauty alone does not hold the treasure of Value. Value is found and fostered in the harsh conditions of Lonely, and for the gift of Lonely I will evermore be filled with joy.


  1. Wow. Artfully written, Rachel. I LOVE this. So poignantly true. Reminds me of the simple beauty didactic tales can have that other genres just can't quite match.

    "What is pain when in it exists my treasure?" Mmm. Reminds me of how Paul put it(2 Corin. 12), when he said he DELIGHTED in thorns, weaknesses, persecutions, and sorrows because they are opportunities for Christ's power and glory to shine through most perfectly. The fact that Christ is glorifying himself through a thorn (like loneliness) DOES render it beautiful. Beautiful not as in "easy, comfortable, put-together," but as in a sacrifice of praise, a piece of art, a broken- yet-lovely-hearted servant investing in the people of this world unto death because of Him who first poured himself utterly out for us because He loved us.


  2. Rache, you made me cry. Goodjob. I don't know what got me the most: missing you, who are so precious to me; broken at the message so powerfully told through your writing; or (most likely the real cause, though mixed together with the previous two reasons)the fact that the truth of this piece resonated somewhere deep within me. You have so masterfully expressed the reason my soul cannot, will not be satisfied with anything other than the narrow, painful road. For all of the longing glances I'm ashamed to admit I have stolen over my shoulder at the rich but empty surrounding lands, I still am only joyful when I'm clinging to the old rugged cross and the way of loneliness and pain.

    I love and miss you, my dear friend. I so appreciate the glimpses into your soul through this post and others like it... but I miss the "good ole days" of last year when I could see that dear soul along with it's beautiful face and we would spend hours sipping coffee and philosophizing. Ah, someday, someday...

  3. Beautiful! I miss you so much girl! Thanks for sharing